Who is C&P?

Cheek & Pen Paper Co. is a woman owned business run from the home of Bailey Spasovski. 

Bailey and her family live, work, and play in Sarasota, Florida where together with her husband run rentals, an airbnb, and a second larger company. The idea of C&P came after the birth of Bailey's first child who they lovingly called Cheeks. Bailey knew she needed an outlet for her potty mouth and bad attitude and started sending her mom friends cards they really needed. Now almost 5 years later Bailey and her husband have 2 kids, 4, dogs, 5 chickens and no time to spare.... or sleep... you know- just doing hot girl shit.

Every order you put in, Bailey walks her tired ass into her office and does a slightly more toned down happy dance. Have no fear it's its still very awkward and uncoordinated and you probably wouldn't invite her to a club. 


TL;DR: I make shit. You buy shit. 


Looking for wholesale? Send us an email and we will link you to our HelloAbound site! MyCheekycards@gmail.com